This project has been awarded Student Notable in the Speculative Design category in the 2020 Core77 Design Awards program.

In the 5 clips of the video, the work scenes prototype the flow of moving and show different kinds of services the company offers. CROSSPACE offers clients seamless relocation experiences by applying digitization, advanced 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, and spatial computing technologies.

This project uses fiction to contemplate a new form of tasks and scenarios switching between physical and digital contexts. The aspects the project touches on include compulsive hoarding, limited living space, paranoia with possessions, and the sustainable material cycle.

By asking how fiction informs fact and provokes discussion, CROSSPACE Moving and Storage Company shows the emotions and obsession attached to possessions and how possessions and humans redefine each other over time.

When digitization is deeply involved in our daily life, does the meaning of an object become affected by the translation between physical and digital forms?

Do the definitions of old and new stay the same?

Also, how can the flow of the material cycle, along with the shifting dynamic between digital and physical, be used to eliminate the burden both to the environment and to our mind?

Can CROSSPACE helps us not only cross space but also cross time?

Task 1 : Seamless Moving

#digitalnomads  #3dscanning  #3dprinting  #ar

Task 2 : Decluttering

#hoardingdisorder  #digitization  #ai  #iot

Task 3 : Sweet Spot Sofa

#depreciation  #comfortability  #usagerecords

Task 4 : Recycle Expired Love

#sustainability  #redefine  #materialaccount

Task 5 : Lock the Last Day with You

#timetraveler  #belongings  #consciousnessonly

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